Music (Martin Rooney Music)

(Two music videos of “The Rooneys” and a list of some of the songs I perform)


I have always enjoyed playing and listening to music. I enjoy a wide range of genres including Oldies, Pop, Rock-n-Roll, Country and Irish.

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to be involved with The Axis Theatre, Ballymun Communications and Dublin City Council, in the setting up of Beó Ballymun Trad & Ballad Festival. This has also given me the opportunity to play music with my family on the stage of the Axis Theatre and in the beautiful setting of The Council Chambers of Ballymun Civic Centre.
Here are few songs from from myself and my family “The Rooneys” (Salonica, The Children of Sixteen, The Old Man’s Tale, The Shoals of Herring & P Stands For Paddy) We were supporting the fabulous Moxie in the Axis Theatre at Beó Ballymun on 17th June 2016.

This is a concert from the 2015 Beó Ballymun Trad & Ballad Festival at the Council Chambers

Some of the songs I perform